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Request to be part of our SeedReady community - currently in beta, where you can connect and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and our global network of founder friends.

If you're a founder, solopreneur, early stage team wants to be part of an entrepreneurial community full of people (yes actual humans!) who share one aim of nurturing digital startup innovations - you in the right place!

What about a community of like-minded people all looking to turn great ideas in to successful digital businesses?

Find collaborators, clients and mentors 🔗

Looking for meaningful support (ie. not just from your mum who loves your new idea!)

We focus on early stage founders looking for no-nonsense techniques to imagine, design, execute, accelerate and scale their digital business. Our community is all about the conversations that matter, the strategies, technology know-how, or the emotional journey that founders face. Let's be real, no-one said life as a founder would be easy - we're building the community to support you!

Let's improve startup survival rates, together 💕

We believe with the help of our community we can collectively support an entire generation of entrepreneurs.

We're looking to challenge the status quo. So if you would like to an active part of our community and benefit from a shared desire to support fellow founders on their entrepreneurial journey we would love to see you join.

Community exclusives 🔥

We've got pretty awesome perks you won't find anywhere else, plus all the standard stuff...

✔️ Accountability network - You might just need an accountability buddy to push your idea forward... we make that happen!

✔️ Monthly pitch panel - An opportunity to share you idea with our growing network of founder friends and other exclusive events

✔️ Feedback report - The opportunity to get written feedback on your start, which you can share with clients, investors or partners.

Plus all the standard perks and resources to help your save... 💸

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